Trio Gafas is freedom. The freedom to try out new ideas, to observe where music takes them to in any moment, to have new experiences, through own compositions. The audience is welcome to accompany the band on its journey.


Diego Gutiérrez (drums)
Christian Pérez (double bass)
Igor Procházka (piano)


The three members have deep roots in jazz and understand it as a starting point to explore any other personal influence. Neo-classic funk, gringo flamenco, gothic swing, post-traumatic waltz, children’s songs for adults… Trio Gafas embraces genres that haven’t event been invented yet. The Madrid-based band is a truly international trio, taking into account the origins of its members: pianist Igor Procházka, a native Czech, has been raised in Germany, Christian Pérez, on double bass, is from the United States, while Diego Gutierrez comes from Cantabria, Spain.

Awards and Mentions

June 2007 IPT won the first prize in the Jazz category in the nation-wide band contest “Audiciones” run by Fundación Canal (Madrid, Spain).
Jazz Hihyo – Jazz Critique Magazine, Tokyo (Japan): 6th best jazz audio CD of the year 2008 (international)
Late 2010, Billboard Magazine Japan mentioned “Bumpy” during several weeks among the Top 10 “Hot Shot Recommended CDs” in all genres


The name, loosely translated to “Goggles Trio” is the result of a campaign that let the audience have a free choice. “Trío Gafas” refers to a song that has the same title and that has been release on album “Bumpy”. Previously the band was known as Igor Procházka Trio.